Cast-Autographed Street Sign and VHS Tape Collection


Own an autographed piece of Albert Square: A regular tradition at EastEnders is to get the entire cast autograph a street sign like the ones seen on the show. The signs are often contributed to charities and auctioned off to fans to raise money for a good cause.

That’s how the individual in South England who recently contacted me obtained his Albert Square sign, which he’s now willing to sell to a fellow fan. If you’re interested, please contact me at and I will put the two of you in touch. An offer is already in from a Walford Gazette subscriber willing to pay $700 plus shipping.

Signatures include some of the series’ biggest stars: June Brown (Dot), Steve McFadden (Phil), Wendy Richard (Pauline), Patsy Palmer (Bianca), Natalie Cassidy (Sonia), Todd Carty (Mark Fowler), and Shaun Williamson (Barry). Email me at for the complete list of actors who autographed it.


Secondly, another fan and sometime Walford Gazette contributor Mackenzie Wood is looking for a good home for her six bins of VHS videocassettes of EastEnders’ first 10 years or more. Mackenzie has lived in England for over 10 years now. The tapes were recorded when she lived in the US.

All that Mackenzie wants if for the individual to cover financially the postage and packing of the tapes. Contact her at for more details.