Welcome to the online edition of The Walford Gazette, the only newspaper dedicated to EastEnders, the BBC’s long-running dramatic series.

This website will bring the best of the printed version, which is published quarterly with permission from BBC Worldwide Americas. Every 16-page issue is packed with behind-the-scenes insights, interviews with the stars, trivia, humour, and even a crossword. Previous issues have featured interviews with the likes of Gillian Taylforth (“Kathy”), Steve McFadden (“Phil”), Todd Carty (“Mark”), Susan Tully (“Michelle”), Bill Treacher (“Arthur”), Michelle Collins (“Cindy”), Paul Bradley (“Nigel”), and Deepak Verma (“Sanjay”).

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— Larry Jaffee, Editor & Publisher


Walford Gazette Editor & Publisher Larry Jaffee’s Public TV Appearances:

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