Issue #86 Fresh Off the Press


In the new issue (#86) of the Walford Gazette hitting mailboxes next week, we celebrate a quartet of ladies who left their mark on EastEnders:

Edna Doré, who played Mo Butcher, died in April at 92. the consummate acting professional, her jokes were legendary, she swore like a trooper, smoked like a chimney — and didn’t suffer fools……

Michelle Collins, in her new autobiography This Is Me, acknowledges Cindy Beale gave her British fame. she takes nothing for granted, considering herself a jobbing actress looking for her next gig…..

Laurie Brett is responsible for being the best woman (Jane) who has ever come into ian Beale’s life….

Laila Morse also published her life story aptly titled Just A Mo, as in the inimitable Slater matriarch ‘Big Mo’ Harris, with whom you don’t want to mess.

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