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In the new issue (#86) of the Walford Gazette hitting mailboxes next week, we celebrate a quartet of ladies who left their mark on EastEnders:

Edna Doré, who played Mo Butcher, died in April at 92. the consummate acting professional, her jokes were legendary, she swore like a trooper, smoked like a chimney — and didn’t suffer fools……

Michelle Collins, in her new autobiography This Is Me, acknowledges Cindy Beale gave her British fame. she takes nothing for granted, considering herself a jobbing actress looking for her next gig…..

Laurie Brett is responsible for being the best woman (Jane) who has ever come into ian Beale’s life….

Laila Morse also published her life story aptly titled Just A Mo, as in the inimitable Slater matriarch ‘Big Mo’ Harris, with whom you don’t want to mess.

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Edna Dore Passes Away

Some sad news: Edna Dore passed away. She played Frank Butcher’s mum suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Gretchen Franklin (Ethel) once told me that she would often go on auditions for commercials and find Edna and Anna Wing (Lou Beale) there. Now they’re all sadly gone.

Here’s The Guardian’s obituary:

Edna Dore


Six Degrees of EastEnders Separation

Readers who received the latest issue (#85) would have seen the full colour back cover about Swingin’ London in the 1960s. Among the psychedelic album covers featured is The Kinks’ Face to Face.


Lately I’ve been listening to the band a lot, partly because Chief Kink, Mr Ray Davies, has a West End show going on, and the Gazette’s very own Dr Charles Jenkins will be providing a full report in the next issue (#86) on the show, Waterloo Sunset, named after one of Ray’s most enduring compositions.

Mr Davies always had artistic aspirations that went beyond the 3-minute pop song. For example, he wrote the opening music to a 1969 British film called The Virgin Soldiers (available on American DVD), situated on a British Army base in Singapore in the early 1950s. The film is sort of the late sixties’ answer to Steve Carrell’s 40-Year-Old Virgin.


Hywell Bennett stars in the movie as a 20-year-old innocent yet cerebral soldier named Private Brigg, who has a major-league crush on the Sergeant Major’s grown virgin daughter Philippa, played by Lynn Redgrave.


Bennett, best known for playing the title role in the Britcom Shelley, EastEnders fans will remember as the ruthless gangster Jack Dalton, whom Dennis Rickman kills. Redgrave needs no introduction, but WG enthusiasts might remember my insistence that one of her best films, Georgy Girl (1966), should be remade with Natalie Cassidy (EE’s Sonia Jackson Fowler) in the title role of Georgina, also a virgin.


Read my analysis here:

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