Billy Mitchell Lies Down on the Analyst’s Couch

By Yaz Headley Editor’s note: The author is an accredited Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) psychotherapist in private practice in London, UK. Yasmin is also studying for a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine and Integrated Mental Health. She has followed EastEnders on and off over the years. You can reach her at and read more … Continue reading “Billy Mitchell Lies Down on the Analyst’s Couch”

EastEnders’ 20 Most Ridiculous Things

By Holly Erickson It would be easy to suspend one’s disbelief for the occasional 30-minute television show. But seeing EastEnders several times a week, year after year, some of the oddities of Albert Square make it seem more “out there” than Doctor Who. With all the gritty reality EastEnders has to offer – from beer-bellied … Continue reading “EastEnders’ 20 Most Ridiculous Things”

David Bowie Was an EastEnders Fan

By Larry Jaffee David Bowie’s death two days after his 69th birthday on 10 January resulted in an outpouring of grief, especially on social media, as both fans and celebrities paid tribute to his artistic vision, which subsequently empowered others who thought differently from those around them. He was also an EastEnders fan. How did … Continue reading “David Bowie Was an EastEnders Fan”

Mother’s Day with Peggy Mitchell

By Agnes Graves EastEnders is built on matriarchs. For many years now I’ve prattled on about how EastEnders should forget about all that gangster nonsense and focus on the women – both the evil and the hard-done-by – of Albert Square. The men might shoot each other, crash their cars or chuck each other off … Continue reading “Mother’s Day with Peggy Mitchell”