A Brief History of Walford’s Doctors

Dr. Legg set the bar for Albert Square’s medical profession from Day One By Nicholas Pascale From his very first scene Dr Harold Legg (Leonard Felton) firmly planted himself in the community of Walford. His first dramatic episode was the unforgettable “Who killed Reg Cox?”. From then on, we saw a doctor that lasted in … Continue reading “A Brief History of Walford’s Doctors”

Pauline’s Bloke on EE Was a Kitchen-Sink Lothario in the Mid-’60s

Ray Brooks with Carol White in ‘Cathy Come Home’ By Dr. Charles P. Jenkins You could have knocked me down with a feather when I discovered that Ray Brooks had joined the cast of EastEnders! Why, you may ask? What is the big deal? Isn’t he an actor? He is not someone special. Well, Ray … Continue reading “Pauline’s Bloke on EE Was a Kitchen-Sink Lothario in the Mid-’60s”

On EastEnders, He Couldn’t Save Demi’s Leo

Dr Kay informing Leo’s dad the patient didn’t make it By Larry Jaffee Will Barton acted in one episode of EastEnders, as the ER doctor unsuccessful in saving Leo (Demi Miller’s boyfriend) from fatally overdosing. Viewers can see the scene, which was broadcast originally in the UK on 12 August 2005 at http://tinyurl.com/hp75gk9 and within … Continue reading “On EastEnders, He Couldn’t Save Demi’s Leo”

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