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Kemp, Homer Celebrate Halloween

LONDON – Two former EastEnders castmembers, Martin Kemp (Steve Owen) and Mark Homer (Tony Hills) celebrated this Halloween on screen and stage, respectively.

Martin Kemp’s Stalker is a new horror movie that has been playing UK film festivals and opened on October 17 in a London West End cinema. Director and co-writer Kemp is a principal in the film production company Blue and Blue Films, specialising in horror films.

The new movie, described as a gothic psychological shocker, also co-stars Billy Murray, who will soon be joining the EastEnders episodes seen on U.S. public TV as crime boss Johnnie Allen. In an interview at the “Grimm Up North” festival in early October, Kemp said horror films have generally deteriorated into “how many ways can you kill someone?”

In contrast, Black and Blue’s films – 10 features in three years – aim to “make the hairs on your back stand up, keep you edge.” More information is at:

Meanwhile, Homer starred in a new stage adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic ghost story, The Pit & the Pendulum October 18-22 at the Greenwich Theatre.

Wrote, “Mark Homer displays an acting which far exceeds his EastEnders credentials… the audience is transported to the dark damp hell made famous in Edgar Allan Poe’s brilliantly- written horror story.”

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