When Worlds Collide

By Larry Jaffee

Facebook was abuzz in early March with the news that Nigel Harman (EastEnders. Dennis) will be joining Downton Abbey for its fourth season, playing a visiting .charismatic. valet named Green.

.Downton Abbey has seen many great characters visit the house over the years, and we couldn.t be more thrilled to welcome the new faces that will be joining the regular cast of Downton in series 4,. executive producer Gareth Neame said in a statement. .We hope audiences will be as excited about them as we are..

That was an understatement, as evidenced by several postings on the . Andrea McInnis: Ladies, my dreams have come true! My beloved Dennis will be joining the cast of Downton next season! And I was practically hyperventilating when I read this!!! Only problem now, is we.ve got to wait almost a year. :( But this makes up for Sybil & Matthew in my world! )

Cynthia Miller: The TV gods have truly blessed us!

Andrea McInnis: I get it. I wasn.t exaggerating on the hyperventilating!

JoAnn Hawkins commented: .I hope .visiting. doesn.t mean only one episode..

Lillian Robinson: Oh, Larry, this is wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing!

Roxanne Amelia Elizabeth: .I was so missing Matthew [Crawley] already . thank God for familiar faces!.

On the Walford State of Mind Facebook page, 161 people saw the post about Harman joining the Downton cast.

Clinton Graves reported, .I first heard about that on the second break of the EE Marathon at UNC. The callers were amazed.. Vicki Capek commented, I always liked him on EE, so can.t wait to see him on Downton.

The irascible Charles Jenkins commented, .The tragedy for poor old Dennis is that he remains Dennis . he was Dennis in his stint on Lark Rise to Candleford and just about anything I have seen him in. This is not to say that he is not good as Dennis! Sorry Dennis!!!!!. Yours truly chimed in, .He.s a jobbing actor who deserves a decent paycheck from a high-profile show. Charles, Nigel.s character in Shrek The Musical was a height-disadvantaged bully, but certainly there to provide comical relief; must have been successful given his Olivier last spring..

Other readers felt the need to comment.

Frank Segall: .He.s already played a posh role, on Poirot, I think..

Sherry Chiger: .Except for his dodgy American accent, he was good in Three Days of Rain in the West End a few years ago (though not a patch on his costar James McAvoy). He very graciously signed tons of autographs afterward too..

Tim Wilson noted, .First regular cast member of EastEnders to land a role in Downton Abbey, I think..

Charles Jenkins returned to the debate: .An Olivier Award? Who said that this is still a good award to win? I am still reeling from a Disney musical at Drury Lane! His role on Poirot was not a POSH role . he played a director, I believe, but his way of talking was not POSH . I remember now, it was in one of those DREADFUL MISS MARPLE things with the new woman (why not rerun the Joan Hickson ones . she was Agatha Christie.s original choice, after all) . he played the husband . the Rock Hudson role in the film . again, hardly a stretch . and certainly not POSH..

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