.Rotten Cotton. London Mystery Solved!

In the last issue (No. 80) I wrote about the mystery of .Rotten Cotton., in which a poster found on London.s Carnaby Street depicted EastEnders characters Dot Cotton and her no-good son .Nasty Nick..

Neither June Brown nor John Altman, the respective actors, knew anything about how their images showed up on the poster when the Walford Gazette contacted them.

Jamie Evans, of Pontypridd, Wales, solved the riddle of .Rotten Cotton., which was for a project/film called Dirty White Gold (http://thecottonfilm.com) depicting the bad working conditions and problems faced by cotton farmers in India. The film.s London-based director, Leah Borromeo, explains to the Walford Gazette: .Dr D (http://drd.nu/) is the artist behind the posters. Our film, it.s still in production..

Regarding EastEnders, Borromeo comments: .Both D and I have watched it at various points of our lives. Wouldn.t say we.re diehard fans but it.s definitely a part of pop culture that.s affected us. The .Cotton. link was because our film is about cotton farmer suicides and the debt that drives these farmers to do it. It.s a poverty and a debt that we as consumers have a direct influence on. So .Rotten Cotton. is to do with corporate greed and corruption that is causing farmers to die.. In an e-mail to the Gazette, Altman was happy to learn the truth about the poster.

.Thanks Larry for solving the great .Cotton Poster Mystery.. Also, thanks for the Walford Gazette and UK:Cue magazine. Glad to see you are still going strong. Aladdin [his recent panto] went great and we broke the box office record. All the best from John. ps June returned to our [UK] screens this week..

.Larry Jaffee

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