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    Latest Issue
    Features and articles from the most recent Gazette editions

    Articles from Issue 83 - Autumn 2013 Edition

    Queen Vic Publican Serves Alfie: Expat Publican in Greenwich Village's 'Queen Vic' Meets Richie
    So You Think You're An EastEnders Expert? Take The Quiz
    Albert Square at Holiday Time
    EastEnders: Soap and its cleansing qualities for therapy and the soul

    Articles from Issue 82 - Summer 2013 Edition

    Nina Wadia's Zainab: 'The Frumpiness of Pauline Fowler, But Funnier'
    Stacey Is Driving Me Mad
    Real East End Publican: Den & Angie Were Queen Vic's Best Landlords
    The Highs & Los of Kat Slater
    Love is Deaf

    Articles from Issue 81 - Spring 2013 Edition

    Blast from the Past Interview: Gary McDonald (Darren)
    Dennis & 'Downton': When Worlds Collide
    EastEnders Characters That Get Under My Skin
    'Rotten Cotton' Mystery Solved

    Articles from Issue 80 - Winter 2012 Edition

    Walford Villain: Andy Hunter
    Further Contemplation on the Death of of Barry
    Den and Dot Air Their Dirty Laundry
    'Tis the Season for EastEnders Panto
    Michelle Collins Interview - .Business First, Friendship Later.

    Articles from Issue 79 - Autumn 2012 Edition

    The British Entertainment Lover.s Book Shelf
    Ian Beale and His Girls Friday /
    Dennis Rickman, A Dangerous and Troubled Man

    Still Around at 97, Anna Wing Shows Who's Still Boss
    EastEnders. Villains, Past and Present

    Articles from Issue 78 - Summer 2012 Edition

    2012 North Carolina EE Festival Recap
    Dennis Rickman, Walford.s Resident Stud
    Kat and Alfie . or Kismet in Albert Square
    EastEnders: The Death Of Pat, And The Decline Of The Soap Matriarch

    Articles from Issue 77 - Spring 2012 Edition

    The Case for Natalie 'Sonia' Cassidy As 'Georgy Girl'
    Dot Cotton.s Mugger Caught in LA
    Contemplating A World Without Pat
    Analyzing EastEnders and Downton Abbey
    The EastEnders-Charles Dickens Connection

    Articles from Issue 76 - Winter 2011 Edition

    Wicks Bros. To Return For Mum Pat
    iPlayer Coming Soon to the US via the iPad for $7 Per Month
    Kemp, Homer Celebrate Halloween
    Please Help Me 'Kickstart' New British Film, Theatre & Telly Magazine

    Articles from Issue 75 - Autumn 2011 Edition

    Review: Walford State of Mind
    From Wimbledon to Albert Square
    American EastEnders Fan Calls Her MINI 'Duchess'
    Favourite Character? Phil Mitchell, Of Course
    Walford Gazette Chimes in On Phone-Hacking Scandal

    Articles from Issue 74 - Summer 2011 Edition

    Exclusive Interview with Gary Beadle: So You Think You Know Paul Trueman?
    Future King of England Knows EastEnders
    Den vs. Phil: Don.t Get Better Than That
    New York Area Fans Save EE From Cancellation, Again
    A Most Festive FESTIVAL in NC!

    Articles from Issue 73 - Spring 2011 Edition

    Exclusive Q&A with Shane Richie
    Shane Richie aka .Alfie Moon.: Walford.s Favourite Barman Shows His Charitable Side
    The Voice of Experience
    The Evolution of Janine Butcher - from Tramp to Vamp
    Foreword by Michelle Collins (Cindy Beale, 1988-1998)

    Articles from Issue 72 - Winter 2010 Edition

    Cooking Guru Madhur Jaffrey Makes Brief EastEnders Stop
    New Book: 'Walford State of Mind: EastEnders, As Reported by the Walford Gazette'
    Mating for Life: Pauline Fowler and Charlie Slater
    Christmas Means Pantomime Time
    Film Review: 'Made in Dagenham' Captures 'EastEnders' Ethos

    Articles from Issue 71 - Autumn 2010 Edition

    E20 . Not Your Old Man.s EastEnders
    Going Home Again to EastEnders
    Leslie Grantham Shoots Film in Bulgaria
    DVD Review: .Peggy. First Emerged in .Sparrows Can.t Sing.

    Articles from Issue 70 - Summer 2010 Edition

    Mark Homer on Life After Tony Hills
    In Praise of June Brown
    Change of Landlord: Pols Hide Out in East End
    A Marathon I Hope and Pray Never Ever Ends

    Articles from Issue 69 - Spring 2010 Edition

    Buckingham Palace Chuffed Over Albert Square & Me
    Why I Have Loved EastEnders for 25 Years
    Happy 25th Brithday, EastEnders!
    What is Wrong with Ian Beale? CINDY!
    Exclusive Interview with Louise Jameson (Rosa di Marco)
    Photos from the Big Apple Brits/EastEnders' 25th anniversary/book signing party on 13 February at the Grisly Pear

    Articles from Issue 68 - Winter 2009 Edition

    Reviews for Albert Square & Me: The Actors of EastEnders
    Exclusive Interview With Rudolph Waker (Patrick Trueman)
    The Jacksons to Return to 'EastEnders'
    Another Cancellation; Exec Producer Moving On
    Windsor to Leave EE After 15 Years

    Articles from Issue 67 - Autumn 2009 Edition

    Sanjay Tells You Why You Should Buy Albert Square & Me
    Dr Legg Tells You Why You Should Buy Albert Square & Me
    Well, Hey Y'All! Alfie Moon's Tarheel State Adventure
    When EastEnders is Mysterious and Confusing
    Walford: No Place Like Home

    Articles from Issue 66 - Summer 2009 Edition

    Blast from the Past
    What Are Former EE Actors Doing in 2009?
    Get Your E On, Fellow Fans
    Current Station List

    Articles from Issue 65 - Spring 2009 Edition

    Wendy & Me
    Orange County Takes EastEnders Seriously
    London Actor Waits for His EastEnders Break
    Letters to the Editor

    Articles from Issue 64 - Winter 2008 Edition

    EastEnders and Me
    A Kosher Butcher?
    Anna Scher: She Launched Many An EastEnder
    Sylvester Williams: On Life After Mick

    Articles from Issue 63 - Autumn 2008 Edition

    Playing Happy Families in Walford
    Mike Reid Was A Pro Right Until the End
    what's it like... Writing EastEnders
    BBC Launches EE YouTube Channel
    Ian Lavender: From Derek to Dad's Army

    Articles from Issue 62 - Summer 2008 Edition

    Clairely an EastEnders fan
    Interview: Derek Martin
    No EastEnders DVDs
    So Precious

    Articles from Issue 61 - Spring 2008 Edition

    Analysis: Women Working in Albert Square: Yes, They Do, Sometimes
    Exclusive Interview: Wendy's Enjoying Life After Pauline
    Exclusive Interview: Derek Martin: More Than A Taxi Driver

    Articles from Issue 60 - Winter 2007 Edition

    How Come BBC Canada Gets It?
    How to Reinvigorate EastEnders in Four Easy Steps
    Sid Owen & Patsy Palmer to Reprise Ricky & Bianca Roles
    When Wendy Was Fab

    Articles from Issue 59 - Autumn/Fall 2007 Edition

    Stranger in A Stranger Land: Living EastEnders 24/7
    Brits Chime In on EastEnders, Or What I Did on My Summer Holiday
    Bonanza of EE Troupers on U.S. TV Screens
    Behind the Scenes at the Walford Gazette
    Greatest EastEnders Scenes on YouTube

    Articles from Issue 58 - Summer 2007 Edition

    Reader Advisory
    It's All About the Characters
    Craig Fairbrass Finds a New Gig in 'StarGate'
    I Was Lofty's Bodyguard for a Night

    Articles from Issue 57 - Spring 2007 Edition

    The Well-Adjusted James Alexandrou Visits NY
    The Tao of Barry: How Shaun Williamson Can't Escape His EE Alter-Ego
    Last Man Standing - Will the Real Ian Beale Please Stand Up?
    New York & London's 'Special Relationship'? - Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em

    Articles from Issue 56 - Winter 2006 Edition

    EXCLUSIVE Leslie Grantham Interview 'Dirty Den Can't Go Back a Third Time'
    Analysing EastEnders' 15th Anniversary: The Family Album
    An EastEnders Costume Party

    Articles from Issue 55 - Autumn 2006 Edition

    Here We Go Again: WETA's Cancellation Plans
    Remembering Gretchen - Private Photographs Reveal a Long, Varied Career
    The Importance of Being Pauline
    Knees-Up, Pub Quiz & Fancy Dress Fête for NC Club
    Laila Morse Settles the Score; Ten Questions with 'Big Mo'

    Articles from Issue 54 - Summer 2006 Edition

    Hed: Going Back to Walford
    Collecting EastEnders Records, CDs, Tapes
    Watching EastEnders in the U.K., Five Times A Week
    Martin Kemp's Steve Owen: EastEnders' Best-Dressed Character

    Articles from Issue 53 - Spring 2006 Edition

    Mike Leigh & EastEnders: Capturing Britain's Working Class
    Judith Jacob Looks Back on Carmel
    Divorce, Walford Style
    Some New EastEnders Merchandise, Finally

    Articles from Issue 52 - Winter 2005 Edition

    Actor John Bardon Explains: The Wit and Wisdom of Jim Branning
    Southern California Club Report
    Soap's Original Bad Girl Can't Get Enough Of EE
    49 Up - The Greatest British Documentary Series of All Time

    Articles from Issue 51 - Autumn 2005 Edition

    Gretchen, We're Going to Miss You
    Appreciation for Ethel Skinner, an East End Girl
    Dot and Jim Say: Buy A Shirt, Do a Good Deed
    Grant vs. Ian Cartoon
    Letter From Britain - Someone Explain it to Me Please!
    TV Review: Extras - Ross Kemp, Shaun Williamson in 3rd episode of Gervais's New HBO Comedy’

    Articles from Issue 50 - Summer 2005 Edition

    Grant's Coming Back!
    New York City Recognizes Efforts of EE Fans
    Gooseberries: How EastEnders Saved Our Marriage (Again)
    Life After Albert Square

    Articles from Issue 49 - Spring 2005 Edition

    FANS REVERSE CANCELLATION - WLIW21 Keeps on EE for Another Year
    Cindy May Be Long Dead, But Michelle Collins Remembers her NY Fans
    Debbie's Secret WLIW Diary
    Letter From WLIW's Joe Campbell

    Articles from Issue 48 - Winter 2004 Edition

    An EastEnders Christmas Carol
    Phil, The EastEnders Hedgehog
    Interview with Karen Henthorn - She Played Julie the Teacher Who Wooed Away
    North Carolina is the Place to Be!

    Articles from Issue 47 - Autumn 2004 Edition

    Berridge Steps Down As EastEnders Executive Producer
    Who knew there was this phenomenon called duf-duf?
    The Fans of Summer
    Requiem for an EastEnders Fan
    EastEnders Actor Responds to Gazette Article

    Articles from Issue 46 - Summer 2004 Edition

    EE Returns For Those Willing to Pay For It
    Hannah Waterman's Laura Beale on The Empowerment of Women in Albert Square
    Letter From Britain: An EastEnders Fortnight
    New BBC Chairman Michael Grade An Early Supporter of EastEnders
    Two Blondes: Cindy Beale and Princess Diana

    Articles from Issue 45 - Spring 2004 Edition

    Still Brassed Off
    How to Prevent Further Cancellations
    Paul Bradley (Nigel) Takes A Journey's End
    Oi Duchess! You Should Read This Book
    Perry Fenwick: The Cockney Bloke Who Plays 'Billy Mitchell'

    Articles from Issue 44 - Winter 2003 Edition

    How One Fan Is Coping With The Loss - Lathered Without Soap
    BBC America Pulls Plug; EE Fans Revolt!
    Interview With Mark Young, President & CEO of BBC Worldwide Americas
    Leila on Teresa: 'She's a Minx'

    Articles from Issue 43 - Autumn 2003 Edition

    John Altman on his EastEnders alter ego - Nasty Nick 99% Rotten COTTON
    Queer As Walford: How Gays Are Portrayed on EastEnders
    Murdoch Wants BBC to Divest EE

    Articles from Issue 42 - Summer 2003 Edition

    Howard Antony on his 'Alan Jackson'
    2 More EE Cancellations
    DVD Review: Coronation Street
    Dot's Story: A Sentimental Journey
    BEWITCHED BY KIM: The Actress Who Plays the New 'Sam'
    Less Shocking Than Real Life

    Articles from Issue 41 - Spring 2003 Edition

    The Return of 'Natalie' - GETTING UP TO [LUCY] SPEED
    Behind the Scenes - Mal Young: EastEnders' Guiding Light
    Editor's Perspective - We Win Some, We Lose Some

    Articles from Issue 40 - Winter 2002 Edition

    An Open Letter to Paul Lee, BBC America
    Louise Berridge (new EE Executive Producer) Interview
    Famous for a Documentary He Was in at 7, Real-Life Cabbie Played One in EastEnders
    Michael Greco (Beppe) Is a Hit at WLIW ‘Meet and Greet’ Fund-Raiser

    Any item containing possible UK Spoilers is either marked with a or the word SPOILER.
    The BBC America episodes are only 3 weeks behind the UK storyline, and so items related to those are also marked as above.

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