So You Think You're An EastEnders Expert? Take The Quiz

By Ed Cobham author, The Unofficial EastEnders Quiz Book

Editor.s note: The following excerpt comes courtesy of the 155-page book.s publisher, Summersdale ( For purchasing assistance, email or telephone 917-291-2488.

So you think one of EastEnders. biggest fans? Test your knowledge with this trivia quiz book.

1. This tall asthma sufferer held a torch for Michelle Fowler.

2. She liked to travel . she.s lived in Spain, Brazil and even worked on a cruise ship.

3. She once hooked up with her mum.s boyfriend, but later preferred the .quiet. life with her four kids.

4. Perhaps being a landlady wasn.t the right job for this brunette . she became an alcoholic and later died from liver problems.

5. She had two engagements on the show, but no weddings, and sat through Matthew Rose.s trial.

6. Her best mate was a redhead, and her husband had hardly any hair.

7. This ex-prostitute was Irene Raymond.s niece.

8. This woman threw boiling milk over Janine Butcher.

9. This Italian stallion used to be a copper and had a son called Joe.

10. Don.t let his balding look fool you; this former paratrooper could get any girl in Walford.

11. His parents were called David and Lorraine.

12. His uncle used to abuse him, and he died in hospital after being hit by a car.

13. After it was revealed he had slept with his brother.s wife, this man was beaten so badly that he ended up in hospital.

14. This father of four was a car salesman, a landlord and a convict.

15. This bloke forced his wife to eat her Christmas dinner off the floor.

16. He discovered a dead landlord.s body and dated fellow single parent Michelle Fowler.

17. Rejected by Sharon Watts, beaten up by Grant Mitchell and killed by Nick Cotton . this bloke didn.t have an easy time in Walford.

18. This loud-dressed lodger of Dot Cotton.s lost his wife in a hit-and- run accident.

19. Two actors played this beloved son and brother, who died in 2004.

20. Where did Cindy Beale and Simon Wicks go when they took Steven and left the Square in 1990?

21. What type of flowers disguised the gun that was used to shoot Den Watts before he was presumed dead in 1989?

22. Michelle Fowler headed to Alabama in 1995 secretly pregnant with whose baby?

23. Which paper published the story about Gita Kapoor.s disappearance and Sanjay Kapoor.s suspected involvement that pushed their family to move away in 1998?

24. How old was Vicki Fowler when she returned to Albert Square as a teenager in 2003?

25. After leaving in 1993 to work on a cruise ship, Sam Mitchell turned up in a special episode set in Spain. Who did her brothers catch her in bed with?

26. What film did Den Watts rent from the video shop in 1988 and fail to return, leaving him with a 9,000 fine that Billy Mitchell attempted to collect when he showed up not dead?

27. What pet of Dot.s did Jim Branning accidentally vacuum up?

28. What breed was Ethel Skinner.s dog Willy?

29. What was the name of the little Lhasa apso Billy Mitchell bought as a present for Janine Butcher?

30. Which was EastEnders. longest-serving dog?

31. Which of the Wicks boys (David and Simon) was Pete Beale.s biological son?

32. Who found Kathy Beale after she.d been raped by James Willmott-Brown?

33. What had Ian Beale lied about that caused Melanie Beale to walk out on him after they had been married only a few hours?

33. Which two regular characters helped Ian Beale get his children Steven and Peter back from Cindy Beale in Italy?

34. Which of his children did Jim Branning refuse to give away at the altar?

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